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JStory May 2015: One Minute to Midnight ~ Diyar Harraz


Author: Diyar Harraz
ISBN: 978-967-0851-05-1
Price: RM24.00 (Pen. Malaysia) / RM27.00 (Sabah/Sarawak)
Online order: Started 24 April 2015


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One last moment.

A second chance.

And the clock is ticking…

The fortuitous events of meeting her future husband, and eventually, becoming a young mother herself, has unexpectedly shed some light on Sasha’s mixed and confused emotional well-being – she knows it has something to do with her past. A grainy truth that nearly costs her life. But she is determined to put it behind her and move on, until the unexpected happened.

Her son is diagnosed with a terminal illness and suddenly, Sasha is whirled back to where she started; to the memories she’d rather forget. Bombarded with the excruciating, long list of unmatched donors, and the inevitability that her only child has little time left, she is forced to track her way back to the family she no longer wish to be associated with.

Growing up as a shadow child, can Sasha fit the pieces of jigsaw back together and will she be able to make amend with the woman of her past? Can she do it in time, before everything becomes too late?

One Minute to Midnight is a piercing, heart-breaking portrayal of how one sinful mistake between two persons would lead to a life-threatening situation of a third.