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You are here:: Katalog JStory JStory May 2014: One Fine Day ~ RodieR

JStory May 2014: One Fine Day ~ RodieR


Author: RodieR
ISBN: 978-967-0508-60-3
Price: RM24.00 (Pen. Malaysia) / RM27.00 (Sabah/Sarawak)
Online order: started 24 April 2014


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Verily, with every difficulty, there is a relief…

It is a beautiful sunny day. She sits on one of the benches in Treasury Garden at exactly the same time, every day. He could not help but wonder about the look in her eyes, filled with sadness; almost dark and bleak.She is Zahra. Just when she thinks her world crumbles, she meets Aryan.Fascinated with each other, he brings her out of misery into his own understanding of love… and happiness.
“Happiness is not something we define by with whom we’re with. Happiness is when we see those whom we love happy.”
And so with him, she finds it again. Her happiness. It doesn’t last long, though because again she is tested with difficulty.Love isn’t always patient. Sometimes we get short, brusque, or frustrated with the people we love the most. Love is, however, doing our best to see the people we care about with compassion and understanding. This is the story of Zahra and Aryan, one about love, pain and happiness regained. For there will be a relief with every difficulty, will they be able to withstand the test of time?
* * *
RodieR is a pharmacist who sees writing as a huge passion. She collects poems and quotes and loves travelling. She has published two Malay novels with Jemari Seni and has built her own group of readers. One fine day she hopes she can share her stories with the world.