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You are here:: Katalog JStory JStory May 2014: After the Storm ~ Diyar Harraz

JStory May 2014: After the Storm ~ Diyar Harraz


Author: Diyar Harraz
ISBN: 978-967-0508-61-0
Price: RM24.00 (Pen. Malaysia) / RM27.00 (Sabah/Sarawak)
Online order: started 24 April 2014


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Everybody has a past. The question is, 
what does it taste like to you?

Tragedy - For years, Balqis tries to forget that dark tragedy, with the hope that she’ll be able to lead a normal life again. But since then, she’s not the same person anymore. Everyone around her realizes that she has changed. If there’s one thing that she loathes the most, it will definitely be ‘man’.
Lost - As a successful magazine editor, Maria leads a happy life with her family. She was over the moon when a dashing CEO of a well-known oil company proposed to her. Alas, it turns out that her perfectly built marriage is like a sinking ship. Lost between love and reality, she’s torn between the two.
Love - After his father died, Suleyman struggles to put his family back on track. However, it’s not as crystal clear as he thought it would be, until he meets the girl of his dream. Will he risk it all for an arrogant girl or just let her go?
After the Storm tells the story of three individuals in a battle to find courage, justice and true love.
* * *
Diyar Harraz is a Malaysian brought up in many countries. A volunteer in hospital while waiting to further her study, she writes stories that deal with ethical issues in her blog, http://fountainoftheparadise.blogspot.co.uk/ After the Storm, is her first  of hopefully many stories to be published.