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English Novel


JEMARI SENI SDN. BHD. is looking for manuscripts in English language that not only able to entertain readers (late teens and adults) but also contains high moral values. Both aspects must be balanced to create the best masterpiece.

2.  Originality
     The manuscript
a)  does not contain plagiarism from any publications or sources
     that do not belong to the writer;
b)  is not a translation from any books in any languages;
c)  is not adapted from any sources or other publications;
d)  is not considered a secondary material that dominates the
     whole manuscripts; and
e)  anything that can affect your manuscripts originality

3. Manuscript Details
a)  Total pages are between 250-400
b)  Layout format:
     i)   Font: Times New Roman (12 pt)
     ii)  Page set-up: double spacing
     iii) Spaces between chapters: FIVE times enter
     iv) Spaces for new paragraph (new story or background in the
          same chapter): THREE times enter
c)  Suggest one attractive and fresh TITLE
d)  Theme: You are free to write about almost anything without
     offending any religion, races and culture
e)  Manuscripts must be suitable for late teens and adult readers
f)  Please use the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
g)  Send your manuscript in Word format.

4. Your manuscript must strictly not be in other publishing companies’ waiting list.

5. Manuscript Submission
Once the manuscript is submitted, JEMARI SENI will evaluate it in two stages. If you are qualified in the first stage, then we will evaluate the whole manuscript:

You will have to send us:
a)  Personal details
b)  Manuscript title and synopsis
c)  First THREE chapters
d)  All the materials required must be sent to:
     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

JEMARI SENI will respond within SIX weeks after the submission date.

If our panels are satisfied with the materials sent, you must send the whole manuscript to be evaluated via e-mail. JEMARI SENI will inform you whether the manuscript will be published or not within SIX weeks after the submission date of full manuscript. If your manuscript is selected, please e-mail us a cover letter (see number 6) for our record.

6. Cover Letter
Besides a cover letter, you must include the synopsis (in one page), suggested caption and blurb (more than one is possible), personal details, pen name (to be printed on novel cover) and your picture for reference.

7.  Royalty
a)  Once your manuscript is confirmed to be published by
     JEMARI SENI, you deserve to receive royalty of 7.5% based on
     the novel selling price in Peninsular Malaysia
b)  Royalty will be paid after TWELVE months the novel is out in